Instructions to dispose of the Google Meet capacity in the Gmail versatile application and eliminate the video-visit symbol from your inbox

As remote work has spiked across the world during 2020, tech companies like Google have leaned more into expanding and updating their virtual meeting software. That includes Gmail's Google Meet, the video-chatting software that lets you "meet" with various groups, whether friends, family, or co-workers. 

You can remove the Google Meet icon from the bottom of your inbox through the Gmail app's settings. 
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Google as of late included a symbol for the virtual gathering programming directly underneath the Gmail application's form button. This is an advantageous instrument for those whose work and individual lives expect them to settle on numerous video decisions, especially in the event that they don't have their PC close by.
Obviously, for the individuals who don't have to have or go to a great deal of virtual gatherings, this recently included element is somewhat awkward. You can end up habitually tapping it on mishap and exitting the Meet menu, particularly in case you're not focusing. It likewise takes up a part of your screen that was recently utilized for email show.
Fortunately, if the new Google Meet symbol is harming more than aiding, there's a method to eliminate it. You should simply visit your Gmail application Settings menu to dispose of it.
Here's the way to do it.

How to get rid of the Meet function in the Gmail app 

1. In the Gmail app, tap the three-lined icon in the top right corner to bring up a menu.
Tap the hamburger list icon to open the menu. Melanie Weir/Business Insider
2. Scroll down and tap Settings.
A gear icon represents the Settings menu. Melanie Weir/Business Insider
3. In the Settings menu, select your Gmail account name.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts linked to your phone app, you'll need to select the one you want. 
Melanie Weir/Business Insider
4. Under General, toggle the switch next to Meet to the off position.
When the toggle goes grey, the icon will be removed. Melanie Weir/Business Insider

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