Wintertime Fun in the Family Room

One thing we love about winter the most is the possibility of snow. Honestly, I can think of few other things that I love more than being hunkered down at home with my loved ones, and a big blanket of snow makes that happen in the prettiest way!

My whole theme for winter in our home was simplicity paired with wintertime fun. Remember those snow days that you wished for in your childhood? Waking up early to listen to the school closures on the radio with your fingers crossed that you'd get to stay home and play? Remember spending the entire day out sledding with the kids in your neighborhood and wanting to soak up every bit of that magical day before it was gone?

Those are the memories from our own childhood that I wanted to bring back into our home this winter.

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In our family room, the entire designed revolved around the centerpiece on our coffee table. Last summer, I picked up this antique sled from a neighbor and fell in love with the history. It had been in her family for over 70 years, and she remembered sledding on it all throughout her childhood! As she and her husband were downsizing, they wanted it to find a new home, and I promised her I would always cherish it.

I used a simple vintage linen table runner to mimic the idea of snow, and topped the sled with an array of rustic, white candlesticks. I have truly been so enamored with this centerpiece!

Above our vintage parks posters, I hung a pair of wooden snowshoes that belonged to my dad when I was growing up. This week, I topped them with the large grapevine wreath that I scored while I was out thrifting.

{Similar reproduction prints of parks posters can be found here}

Maintaining the winter whites, I used an assortment of neutral pillows on our sofa. Two of them were made by my sister--one from a vintage quilt, and another from vintage hobnail chenille.

My old wooden ladder holds several cozy blankets that will keep us warm all winter too!

If you've been following along with the saga on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I've been fiddling with the corner of our family room ever since I packed up the Christmas tree. First I tried making a little conversation area using my favorite Frenchy chairs.

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That design lasted about ten days. Since then, I've relocated a small desk to that corner that used to be in our bonus room upstairs.

I'm pretty practical when it comes to the decor in our home, and I figured that my desk would get a whole lot more use on a daily basis. In fact, I'm sitting at it right now as I'm writing this! I love being able to look out the window as I'm working, and I'm hoping the extra sunlight in this corner will help me get through these dark Pacific Northwest days until spring arrives.

I have a feeling this corner will change again in the near future...but for now, I really love it!

Lastly, but possibly the most fun, was decorating my shelves with lots of vintage treasures that I've collected over the years.

We have many, many bookcases around our home that are filled with books, but this is the only one that's dedicated to my collection of pretty things. And, okay--to be fair--there are a couple of books tucked in there. Vintage ones. For decor. But still!

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In case you're just now joining me for our Winter Home Tour, here's what I've already shared. I hope it gives you lots of inspiration for your own wintertime decorating!

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