American Juvenile Justice System

American equity framework needs evolving 

Jennifer Mee was condemned to existence without the chance for further appeal after she was seen as blameworthy of taking an interest in a lethal burglary. Under Florida law, every one of the individuals who partake in a theft where somebody bites the dust is similarly liable of homicide regardless of whether they were legitimately or in a roundabout way engaged with the passing.

For Jennifer's situation, she set up a date with a youngster after he reached her on Facebook yet theft instead of sentiment was her rationale; her two male partners completed the burglary or robbing as it would be all the more appropriately depicted as. Jennifer's date was shot during the battle which pursued.

There was across the board enthusiasm for the case in light of the fact that Jennifer picked up reputation as a youngster as the "Hiccup Girl," in the wake of having a wild issue of hiccups.

Contrast Jennifer's sentence and that of other people who have gotten a similar sentence.

She has gotten a similar sentence as a sequential killer.

At that point there is the issue of whether she ought to have been accused of homicide at all in light of the fact that under the word reference's meaning of homicide and murder, Jennifer should just have been accused of murder.

Some may state, "This is Florida law," yet if so then Florida administrators have changed the meaning of homicide.

That being along these lines, this isn't right and should be put right.

It is the duty of the Florida representative to take care of this and to look at the instances of those like Jennifer who have been influenced.

Envision the objection if not just an alcoholic driver was accused of driving impaired yet the travelers likewise; such a law would be like one which Jennifer was sentenced for.

Jennifer showed up on a TV program called, "Ladies who murder, displayed by Pier Morgan. I watched that program before the end of last year (2018) and my response subsequent to learning of Jennifer's sentence was, "This isn't right."

1. Keep in touch with the Florida Governor

2. Keep in touch with the editors of papers in Florida

3. Advise your Facebook companions to round out the request

4. Offer the request with your Twitter devotees

I contemplate Jennifer's specific case, think for a minute that not just has the group of the perished lost somebody yet additionally Jennifer's family, and this could happen to any family given the whimsical idea of the American equity framework and the firearm culture which exists in that nation.

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