Swagbucks Review : The Legit Earning Website

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks can be considered as a reward site where you do simple tasks such as watching videos online, shop online & answer simple surveys and in return you earn free gift cards from big merchants like Amazon, Walmart or you can get cash directly deposited to your account through Paypal. I hope you are having an account with Swagbucks. If not then kindly signup now with Swagbucks.

Is Swagbucks free to join?

Absoultely Yes. Swagbucks is a free reward online program where you don't need to pay anything to join.

How much Money you can make with Swagbucks?

You can make around 1$ per 100 SB points where "SB" means Swagbuck points. There are numerous surveys and tasks that have different SB points reward. There is no limit of earning SB points. It totally depends upon your efforts and task availability.

Is Swagbucks reliable, genuine, legit? Is Swagbucks safe to use?

Swagbucks is legit. Well I can say that since I have recieved $10 Paypal gift card from them a while ago. I have been using swagbucks from a long time and I have not found any safety issue yet.

How to earn rewards with Swagbucks?

Use Swagbutton 

After you have created your account, you can add SwagButton extension in your browser which will help you find cashback opportunities on your favorite brands. Keeping Swagbutton installed helps you earn 1SB per day. It also shows video on the corner of the screen which can help you earn more SB points. Swagbutton is must since it requires your least efforts to earn SB points.

Use Swagbuck Search

You can utilize Swagbucks search to find the answer of your query. Select swagbuck search as a default search engine in your PC or mobile app. Whenever searches are done through swagbucks search then you earn decent SB points.

Take Surveys

There are various brands which needs plenty of suggestions and viewpoints in order to create a fabulous product or service. You can take part in the survey and provide your valuable feedbacks. Every survey has different SB point rewards depending upon the time and length of the survey.

Watch Videos

Watching videos is one of the simplest task you can do on swagbucks since your much efforts are not required in it. You can also play those videos in background and focus on your work.

Play Games

You can play different online games while gaining some extra SB points every time you play through swagbucks. I never thought fun can be so rewarding at swagbucks.

Complete Daily Goals

There are certain goals to reach everyday, once you hit the points goal limit then you are showered with bonus SB points.

Refer your Friends

Do you know you can earn SB points by just referring your friends to Swagbucks. You get 10% of your friends earning. Suppose your friend earns 500 SB points then you too get 50 SB points just because you referred your friend to swagbucks.

Swag Codes

They are hidden promotional codes or text messages in various social site pages of Swagbucks. These swag codes are time specific. You need to reedem them in given time. 

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is a great platform to earn gift cards and few dollars. You can't make a full time income out of it but still it can help you get amazing offers and gift cards with minimal efforts.

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