Review: Myglamm Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipstick

After a long time, I’m back again from the dead silence. So today, its another review of a product quite dear to my heart that's a lipstick.

Last month I purchased this thing from Myglamm official website & its called Hi-Shine Lipstick in the shade Moroccan Red. Its from their latest collaboration with Manish Malhotra & is quite heavily advertised around the web.

Its prices at Rs. 950/- each with occasional discounts available & is available in 13 shades; from which I chose this red one.

Actually its no accident that I’d choose this shade particularly. Personally I prefer classical & wearable colours & I’m not at all experimental when it comes to makeup. Its hard for me to step out of my comfort zone of colours & thus I chose Moroccan Red instead of many shades available. Red is a classical choice & is like the must have blue jean in your ‘makeup’ wardrobe.

Next I have a huge problem with choosing shades online as my skin colour is very much on the warm side, so I have screwed many times before while buying lipsticks online because although 90% of the Indian skin tones are warm, not 80% of the shades available in India suit me. I don’t know why this happens but it does.

Anyways, so I was browsing the online stores for the perfect red lipstick & I came across this one. As anyone who’s aware of my previous experience with MyGlamm product; it was hard for me to ultimately purchase this. Earlier I bought their nail polish & it simply sucked; which was worth Rs. 390/- but I can assure you the quality simply sucked & is not worthier than a Rs. 50/- thing. It almost destroyed my nails so I’m not the person who easily believes any of the claims this website makes about their products.

So I was deeply hesitating. mostly because of my previous experience but there’s this catch. This was a glossy lipstick & I’ve always had this weakness for glossy lipsticks. I just hate matte lipsticks, I don’t know why but I simply hate them. Creamy formulas are okay with me, with glossy lipsticks being placed highest on my preference list. At that time most reds I liked was in either matte or creamy ones; so this time I followed my instincts & decided give this one (Manish Malhotra Myglamm Hi Shine lipstick) a try; & purchased this red shade which they’ve named Moroccan Red for no apparent reason (its more a brick red version, yeah similar to Moroccan rhassoul clay but I don’t think they thought of this before naming the shade).

Please understand that Glossy lipsticks may look good but come with a high-maintenance tag, & you may need to reapply throughout the day (although they claim its long wear but its NOT) to keep its intensity appealing; however, using a lip primer below this can help prolong its life on your lips. If you’re planning for a brunch or dining out with your gang, then make sure you take the lipstick with you for a must-reapplication after the meal & hey, its NOT KISSPROOF. So you’ll surely leave the stain on your bae if you try kissing with a glossy lipstick on.

This one is no different.

Packaging wise its wonderful. It comes in a tiny paper covering & the treasure being inside. It has a magnetic opening, which makes it simpler to preserve it for the long run & avoid mess ups. But the major downside is the large case that holds the bullet; it makes it very hard to hold it, mostly because its heavy & even harder to get the bullet on the thinner corners of your lips. So I’d suggest using a lip brush to apply this uniformly or you’ll screw up I guarantee you.

Next, also consider lining your lips before you apply a glossy lipstick or it may bleed.

Texture is creamy & glossy & colour is buildable. But you need to apply more than twice in a row to get the desired shade or it may look simply pink & not Red. Also be ready to reapply as the texture is so creamy that it starts fading very quickly. Its oily & keeps your lips moisturized. The shade looks pinkish red. 

I used Kiko Milano Lip Liner for this

I always suggest glossy lipsticks (despite of all the high maintenance shit) to ageing women as it looks healthier & imparts a youthful glow. Also the fact that if you want to make thin lips look plump, glossy formulas can do the trick & give you an illusion of a bigger pout.

Final verdict:

How was the product?

èAverage. Nothing special, atleast not enough to do justice to the name Manish Malhotra. You can get a hell lot better glossy lipsticks at half of the price tag. So yes its overpriced for the quality it offers.

Will I purchase this again?

èI don’t purchase things repeatedly that I find average; so No, I won’t purchase this. I think Lakme Absolute has a gloss range as well & they do better than this at half of the price. You can’t expect much from Myglamm anyways; despite of its collaborations with big names in the industry, its products are average at its best & most are even crappier than the cheapest thing you can find in the market.

When you’re paying Rs. 950/- for a lipstick, having high expectations is not a crime & there you’ve lost the match. This is an overpriced average product. If you’re expecting to spend this amount on a lipstick, I’d suggest you to go on with good old Loreal’ Paris lippies or up your budget a little & buy a MAC one. MAC is even available as little MAC at Rs. 900/- onwards & don’t waste your money on shitty average products like this & feel free to completely ignore the big names they advertise with because they don’t deserve your attention with such bog standard offerings.

This is completely my personal opinion based on what I learnt over the years. If you think otherwise, do not forget to share in the comments section below & also do stick around.

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Stay Tuned.

Koyel M.

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