An Epic Journey in Vienna, Austria

My journey to Austria is an epic. I visited Vienna, as one of the seven states in Austria. According to Wikipedia, Austria remains to be the second richest country in Europe. Why I consider this an EPIC one? It is mainly because, I only dream of this place, but I finally visited and met a friend of my family. An awesome trip off course is traveling with your friends or a friend. But I love to travel solo.
Now, let's go to Austria!

Austria's famous palace .....

And the UNESCO World Heritage site “Palace and the Gardens of Schönbrunn

This is the imperial attraction in Vienna, Austria. The history of this palace spans over 300 years! Located in Hietzing, Vienna with 1,441 rooms and the main summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs. This palace was preserved as a museum by the Republic of Austria, as one of the remarkable blends of arts. The gardens at  Schönbrunner Schloss Park opens at 6am. There is no entrance fee to this place. If you want to have a look inside the museum, then Imperial Tour costs  16 EUR, Grand Tour 20EUR, Family Pass is 52EUR.

How to get there? 

I traveled to Vienna from the Czech Republic by bus. It was 4 hours of maximum travel by bus. The bus fare costs depend on the earlier purchase, you'll pay a lower price. The maximum price is 25Eur. Regiojet is my recommendation for the bus company. You got a seat, with a headset, they have coffee, sparkling, or still water, snacks available.

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