Download Yandex Disk 3.1.7

Yandex Desk is a free cloud storage service that allows their user to store pictures, media, files, documents, and much more in a folder and access them from anywhere by any device using the internet. Get start using Yandex Desk on a windows computer to store any kind of important data safely & securely. Now Yandex. Desk latest edition makes your data storage dreams perfect, to store data’s in a cloud.

Keep securing your important files in a single cloud and share it with your friends, family & relatives anywhere. Yandex Desk allows up to 10GB free cloud storage for storing data & files. There are many functions like Taking screenshots, edit photos, add images, and bring media from your camera or gallery automatically. So, download Yandex. Desk offline installer.

Furthermore, if you are facing a device storage issue and you looking for a program/software to store your data online. Yandex Desk is only the cloud storage program that includes lots of features and functions to secure data online without losing. Download & install the Yandex Desk on the computer. Sign in to Yandex account by your mail, make folders or files in a cloud. Once you have successfully access Yandex Desk software then it uploads photos automatically from your mobile phone using an internet connection. Store your mobile phone data in Yandex. Desk cloud and delete them from the phone to free up storage for more photos & data.

There is no need to installed alternative software to store text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can store all those documents in Yandex. Desk cloud storage and make private or public albums to share with others in social profiles. If you want to download & install Yandex Desk full offline installer on your computer then follow the above-mentioned download button by clicking.

Features of Yandex. Desk Cloud Software:
  • Free online cloud service.
  • Use up to 10GB free storage file.
  • Make private or public albums to share with your social sites.
  • Store important data & files in a cloud.
  • Transfer files from mobile device to computer.
  • Store text documents, spreadsheets, & presentations.
  • Browser extension features let you save photos & docs from a website.
  • Take screenshots, edit images & share with your friends.
  • Unlimited storage for mobile photos.
  • Yandex Desk like a regular folder.
  • Much more.
Download Yandex.Disk 3.1.7

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