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Malware Hunter is a freeware licensed windows application that comes with mind-blowing virus protection functions. It’s officially developed by GlarySoft Ltd. A malware hunter is one & only award-winning software provide complete and extensive privacy & protection from malware, viruses, spyware, & other online threats. As recommended genius program called malware hunter will search automatically to find infected files plus viruses and notify you to remove them from a computer. Always secure online data against spammers and hijackers who want to stolen or hacked. This PC cleaning program available for Windows, Mac, Android, & Linux operating system. But here we share only windows version malware hunter for all software users. Download malware hunter latest version to deleted all kind of viruses, threats and keep clean computer every time.

More addition, when you open malware hunter virus protection on your computer, you saw three scanning options Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan if you want to scan a specific folder. For a custom scanning option, the software will check various sections of computer. If detect any dangerous files, viruses, and threats then will show in front of your screen, and enable you to delete or block them from the system. Also, it’s the ability to erase junk files, rootkits & adware to boost up computer speed.

Furthermore, the software will be able to disable unwanted files from internet browser. Remove all kind of malicious threats from the operating system and other application. Malware hunter maintains computer initial requirements and manages everything automatically. With hyper scan function, it allows to search, find & remove stubborn malware. The software main aim is to provide quality protection service to its users for making their PC’s more effective and secure.

Salient Features of Malware Hunter:
  • Scan: The quality software has three scanning option Quick scan, Full scan, & Custom scan. If you wish to scan a targeted specific folder then you can use any of them.
  • Custom Scan: With these features, the malware hunter will check a various section of PC if detect any threat or danger then it will show you what you want to do with them.
  • Hyper Scan: Allows you faster-scanning speed. With hyper scan, it helps you to search, find & remove stubborn malware against potential dangers.
  • Complete Scan: Provide extensive security protection against all threats, secure data, and keep the clean computer as virus-free.
  • Auto Update: The advantage of this feature is that your PC is always up to date and virus free. Because it provides real-time virus protection updates on a daily bases.
  • Protection Process: Aims of the product is to ensure complete protection & safe operation of your PC.
  • Usage: Very easy and simple user-friendly interface.
  • Much more.

Platform: Windows 10, 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista
Size: 48MB
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