Download AdBlock 3.48.0

Are you annoyed of ads display during visiting your favorite sites? Certainly, You come to the right place here is a review about Ad Block which is number 1 ad blocker with over 10,000,000+  users. Hence in the presence of Ad Block, you no need to worry about any social platform ads Like YouTube, Facebook, web searching, etc. Ad Block will handle all. Here’s an amazing thing you can choose you can white-list your favorite sites, choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads or in case you don’t want any just block all ads by default. It’s also available for iPhone, Safari, and Opera.

It increases page speed as well as improve page load time provide a faster internet experience. As it prevents ads from downloading. So, Adblocker protects you from the third party (advertiser) tracking.

Ad Block is brilliant software that stops online advertising and youtube advertising from web browsers. Once it runs on your system then it works to block all disturbing ads from web browser experience. Sometimes, while searching any important data or files the user can totally dishearten by showing different ads on his browser. Don’t worry install Ad-block on Chrome, Firefox, IE, UC, and others, to remove/blocked ads without any restriction.

Ad Block Features:
  • Free and open-source
  • Keep updating
  • Block ads
  • Blocking tracking and malware.
  • Boost up speed
  • Compatible with all window versions
  • Easy-to-use
  • Tested as virus-free
  • Customizable
  • Much more.
Download Ad Block for Google Chrome
Download Ad Block for Mozilla Firefox
Download Ad Block for Internet Explorer

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