How To Make Smokey Eyes ~ Best Smokey Eye Makeup

How To Make Smokey Eyes, best smokey eye makeup

Women or girls, they always want to do the same make-up which is in fashion, and nowadays smokey look is the most trend for eyes.
Smokey means the appearance of shades of color around the eyes, which makes the eyes look most beautiful in the face.
If you do not like to do too much makeup, still you can look beautiful in minutes by making smokey eyes, without doing too much makeup.
Nowadays, Smokey Eye makeup in trend. In this article, you will learn Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step. come and Let's know How to make smokey eyes?

Smokey Eye Tutorial Step By Step

smokey eye tutorial step by step, How to make smokey eyes

If you also want a smokey eye and want to make yourself a style icon, then here are some basic things that you should keep in mind. Read and take care.

You Will Need:-

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Powder
  4. Eyeshadow
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Mascara
  7. Eyeshadow brushes

How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup:-

1. Use primer first -

How To Make Smokey Eyes, How to apply smokey eye makeup

To make the Smokey Eye Makeup last longer, apply a light primer to the eyes. After applying it, spread it above the eyes and to the eyebrows.

2. Apply Concealer -

How To Make Smokey Eyes, best smokey eye makeup

Before giving a smokey look to the eyes, apply concealer so that the dark circles around the eyes do not shine separately. Select the light shade of the concealer. Smokey makeup can be easily applied to the eyes after applying it.

3. Powder -

How To Make Smokey Eyes, Best Smokey Eye Makeup

If you have selected black, brown or gray color for Smokey Eye makeup, then use the powder before applying them to the eyes. 

4. Eye Shadow -

How To Make Smokey Eyes, Best Smokey Eye Makeup

For smokey eye makeup, always apply light-colored eye shadow base with dark color. Apply it between the corners of the eyes and the lower eyelids with the help of a brush. After applying eye shadow on the eyelids, spread it well. This gives a complete smokey look to the eyes.

5. Eyeliner -

How To Make Smokey Eyes, Best Smokey Eye Makeup

To make the eyes look attractive, apply dark eyeliner between the eyelids and use eyeliner pencil for the bottom eyelid. To improve the smokey look, make strokes from the side of the eyes.

6. Mascara - 

How To Make Smokey Eyes, Best Smokey Eye Makeup

It's time for the finishing touch. To give a final touch to the smokey look, do not forget to apply mascara on the eyelids.

Question And Answer

Q. How to choose the color for Creating a gradient smokey eye?

A. If you’re creating a gradient smokey eye look make sure to have several different colors on hand from the same color family to complete the look. For example, if you’re doing a purple smokey eye, you’re going to want at least three variations of purple (a dark, medium and light) to complete the look. You’ll also always want to have a highlighter or base shade on hand for highlighting under the brow bone and in the inner crease of eyes, also known as the “v”

How To Make Smokey Eyes, Best Smokey Eye Makeup

Q. What brush do you use for Smokey eye?

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