Android Q is Official, No More Sweet Names

Android Q is Official, No More Sweet Names

Finally, the wait is over. We all have been anticipating on the next dessert name Google is going to give to the next iteration of Android. Today, Google posted on its official blog post giving a shocking truth that the Android Q will be officially to be called as Android 10. Google used to name each version of Android as a sweet name.

Now, Google has ended the theme of naming its Android versions after some sweets. Hence, Google will use the numbers to represent next versions of the Android. So, the next Android release will be named as Android 10 and next one as Android 11 and so on.

For justification, Google made the statement, “This naming tradition has become a fun part of the release each year externally. But, we have heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community. “ Google also justifies the change in naming the Android version by telling that new users find it difficult to understand “if their phone is running the latest version” so they decided to make the naming more easy and known.

New Android Branding

Android Q is Official, No More Sweet Names

Plus, the search engine giant also changed the Android branding by declaring a new designed logo, colours and style of the writing Android in the logo. For this, Google said that the newly made Android logo makes it more ‘modern and accessible’ to the masses of peoples. Black colour is used instead of the green colour of the old logo. This can be good change for those who eye sight problems. 

Well the much loved Android robot is still available on the logo, which is great. The changes will be official after the devices gets the Android 10 updates.

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