How to Customize Flip Flops With Bias Tape

Here's an idea for the next time you blow out your flip flop in Margaritaville. Don't throw it away. Instead, use some colorful bias tape to fix it. Gather up your cheap or broken flip flops and let's get started!

(image: Beth Huntington) 

Things You'll Need
Bias tape
Flip flops
Super glue

Step 1

Cut off the flip part (for lack of a better word).

(image: Beth Huntington)
Step 2

Choose some coordinating bias tape.

(image: Beth Huntington) 
Step 3

Cut four 10″ pieces of bias tape and tie a knot in the end of each.

(image: Beth Huntington) 
Step 4

Place a washer under the toe hole on the bottom of the flip flop.

(image: Beth Huntington) 
Step 5

Thread one piece of bias tape through the hole. Then thread the next piece through the same hole. Pull tight and trim the ends of each knot.

 (image: Beth Huntington)
(image: Beth Huntington)
Step 6

Place one washer under each of the side holes and thread the bias tape in through the top.

(image: Beth Huntington) 
Step 7

Try on your flip flop and pull the bias tape through so it fits perfectly. Tie a knot in each piece to hold it in place and trim the ends.

(image: Beth Huntington) 
Step 8

Use some super glue on the end of each knot to keep hold it in place and to keep it from unraveling.

(image: Beth Huntington)

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