Protect Your Skin From Holi Colors | Holi Skin Care Tips

Holi Skin Care Tips | Best Natural Home Remedies

Holi Skin Care Tips
Holi Skin Care Tips

There are a few days to come to the festival of colors Holi. The more fun it takes to play Holi, the same side effects of its colors are on our skin and it is very difficult to get out of these side effects. If your skin is sensitive, then this problem may be higher on your skin. Even if you use herbal colors, but due to prolonged sunlight, the skin may get damaged. Here are some tips that you can protect your skin on Holi.

1. Moisturizing Head To Toe: 

Moisturizing Head To Toe
Moisturizing Head To Toe

  • Apply coconut or olive or vitamin E oil throughout the body to prevent damage caused by the colors.
  • To protect skin from UV rays, make a thick coat of sunscreen.
  • Do not forget to put oil or petroleum jelly in between the fingers and also with your nails.
  • Keep your fingernails safe by applications, polishing nails because it gives you a protective coat and will put some petroleum jelly under the nails to protect them.

2. Clothes: 


  • Holi's time to cover the skin, wearing full sleeves tops and pants. Reduce skin exposure.
  • Try not to remain in wet clothes for more than two hours. It can be a cause of sickness.
  • Do not wear clothes in transparent or light colors, because water is also used to play Holi. while playing with water you may feel as harmed on getting wet in water.

3. Accessories:


  • Do not forget to wear your old sunglasses while playing Holi so that color cannot be seen in the eyes and the eyes can be protected.
  • Do not wear jewelry while playing Holi because you can hurt due to jewelry when playing.
  • If you are injured while playing Holi and are bleeding or cut, then immediately put them in running water or use ice. Also, make sure to clean that area with anti-bacterial lotions.

4.Hydrate Yourself:

Hydrate Yourself
Hydrate Yourself

  • Keep drinking as soon as possible. It keeps you hydrated even in the sun.
  • Whenever you get the chance, take some lemon water or coconut water to protect the body from dehydration.

5. After playing Holi you should care about the following steps:

After playing Holi you should care of following steps
After playing Holi you should care about following steps

  • Once you play Holi properly, after washing the eyes with cold water, it is easy to pour a few drops of rose water in your eyes. When playing, the colors go into the eyes, then rinse it with clean water; Do not rub your eyes at all. Rose water is an excellent choice for eyes.
  • Do not rub the colors, use oil or curd to remove the color from the skin, sometimes a very strong color can be removed only with oil. Do not forget to use moisturizer after cleaning the color.

6.Home Remedies For Skin Care Tips:

Home Remedies For Skin Care Tips
Home Remedies For Skin Care Tips

  • Take gram flour, milk cream and rose water to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face, hands, And Legs. Let it be dry. Then wash it gently.
  • Take Maida, turmeric, and milk. Mix it well and apply it on your body. Leave for 20 minutes and remove gently.

"By the way, Holi should never play with chemicals colors; These colors can be very harmful."

"Please, you speak to your friends and family to use natural colors."

"Then, have fun. Be healthy. Be beautiful.  Happy Holi ..."
Happy Holi

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