Live a perfect and healthy lifestyle 

We do our best to be happy and content in life. We try to get this happiness and satisfaction with money. We earn some money by working hard day and night. But still, we do not get that joy and satisfaction.
Have you ever wondered why this happens with us ?????

Think why???

Even after earning so much money, why are we not happy and satisfied ??????

Today I will answer all these questions ...
The reason for this is only that we earn money but in all these, we forget to take care of our health. By which our health is very poor, we have a lot of money, but money is spent only in doctor and medicine. Medicine also spoils our body. Therefore, if we really want to remain happy and contented, then we have to take care of our health too.
Along with all this, you have to get time for yourself and your family too.
Once you manage, you can learn a way to reach your goals, increase your happiness and satisfaction.

Here we give you some ideas to live a perfect and healthy lifestyle

1. Eat properly and healthy diet 

Healthy Food

What do you eat or what does not directly affect your health? Our eating habits affect our brain not only on our health. We can not even take time to eat proper food in our busy life, then whatever we eat, the direct impact of it falls on your health.

 Make your diet chart and you follow that daily

  • Drink a glass of normal boil water in the morning -

doing this clears the stomach easily in the morning and you do not have any problem of constipation. Skin also glow by doing this.

  •  Do not skip breakfast :

Never should skip breakfast because it provides energy to you throughout the day. At breakfast, you should include eggs, fruit juice fruits nut etc. so that you get energy throughout the day.

  • Avoid Junk food : 


Avoid junk food as much as possible. these only harmful for health and also increase skin related problems like a pimple and acne.

2.Time for Exercise

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Whatever, we should take a little time to exercise.

Exercise also keeps our body healthy and keeps the mind healthy too.
Those who are mentally and physically healthy, they are more happy and contented and stress complaints are also less. Join the gym or can also just yoga at home. 

Walking is also a great way to physically fit.


Meditation is the process of getting rest. Meditation can increase our concentration power. Meditation has many benefits, such as good concentration, calm mind, brain and body rejuvenation, and relaxation. Meditation also increases the communication of happiness, peace, and enthusiasm in the body. Meditation also reduces stress. Stress is a problem like a headache, insomnia.
Meditation should be done once a day.

4.Increase your relationships

Increase your relationships. You met them with other people and talked to them. Include yourself as much as possible between positive people. Doing this can make you feel happy and less stressed. If you have negative people involved in your life, then this only gives you negative energy. So you can feel sad and unhappy.
Try to spend time with your partner and become more physically affectionate

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