Benefits of sesame seeds | Some main reasons to include sesame seeds in your diet

Benefits of sesame seeds | Why include sesame seeds in your diet
Sesame Oil and sesame seeds
Sesame is also known as sesame in Hindi. Sesame seeds are highly beneficial for health. By consuming sesame in winter,  you get lots of energy. Sesame is being used to enhance beauty  since ancient times. Sesame contains many nutrients such as calcium, protein and carbohydrate etc.  sesame Oil also good  for health beneficial. Sesame seeds is a rich source of nutrients.

Type of sesame seeds :-
  1. Black Seeds
  2. white Seeds
  3. Brown Seeds
  4. Red Sesame Seeds 

Top amazing health benefits of sesame seeds :

1. Sesame seeds keep our heart healthy - Sesame seeds are high in fiber. Eating plenty of fiber is good for heart healthSesame seeds lower bad ldl cholesterol and reduce hypertension which promote better heart health.

2. Sesame seeds make our bones strong-  Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and magnesium which can keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.

3. Stress & anxiety : It gives relief from stress & anxiety.The use of foods that help  in the production of serotonin helps in feeling positive, which  keeps old stress away. Sesame oil is a good example of this. Sesame oil contains tyrosine which is directly linked to our serotonin activity. Serotonin imbalance can cause depression and stress.

4. Sesame seeds are good for oral & Dental Health : Sesame seeds is a rich of vitamins and calcium. Vitamin D is good for oral health. Sesame seeds high in Calcium which is good for teeth.

5. Sesame seeds are good for anemia patients: Sesame seeds are good for anemia patients because  sesame seeds are loaded with iron which helps to prevent anemia.

6. Good for children : Sesame is beneficial for the development of children because there is a lot of protein and amino acids in the sesame. Which  help in the growth and strength of children.

7. Skin Problem : Sesame seeds remove all skin problems and make your skin shiny and soft. E-vitamin is necessary for body to keep healthy skin, nails and hair and sesame seeds are a way to improve your consumption of e vitamin.

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8. Blood Pressure : Sesame seeds reduce high blood pressure problem. Sesame have a high power of magnesium, a substance that may positively reduce hypertension. 

9. Sesame seeds improve digestion : High fiber content and unsaturated fatty acid in black sesame seeds relieve indigestion and constipation.

10. Strengthen bones :  Sesame seeds are best to help build your bones. Because sesame seeds are rich in calcium, phosphorous, zinc and magnesium which can keep your bones strong and healthy.

How to Use of sesame seeds to reduce swelling in the fingers ?

Take 50 ml of sesame oil and heat it lightly by adding 1/4  rock salt. 

Bring your fingers well before sleeping in the night. If you do this daily, then your finger swelling will be cured within a few days.

           Relieve Back Problem with the help of sesame seeds

Take 20 grams black sesame seeds and add 2 chopped dry  dates. Now add a glass of water to this mixture and boil it well. After boiling, filter it. Now add 1 tsp Ghee and mix it  well. Drink it daily, there is a lot of benefit in lower back pain.

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