Now you get your makeup all day in winter | Just Read and Follow this Easy Step

Make your makeup all day in winter

Now the winter has come, cold air in winter makes our skin dry. if  make-up is not done properly, In a few hours you see yourself in the mirror and broke all your makeup. This is the worst, especially today, when everything is going well. 
Here  some easy ways, we can keep our makeup for a long lasting. These makeup methods can be done by all girls whose skin  (oily, dry and normal).

1 Step - 
Wash Your face with best cleanser :

 It is so important to remove all dirt form your face before apply makeup on your face and also clean your hand.

2 Step-
Apply  Moisturizer : 

If your skin is dry then use moisturizer before  makeup on your skin and lips (only use the best lip moisturizer for lips). This will give our skin complete moisturizer and after the foundation which will dry our skin, it will not happen. Wait for 5 min after applying face cream. If your skin is oily then do not need a moisturizer on face but use moisturizer for lips. 

3 Step-
Apply Primer : 

The use of primer is very important, which should be used before make-up.
Only one drop of primer is enough. Apply on your face .let the primer dry completely it take only few minute.

4 Step-
Apply Foundation :

 The foundation should be used only according to your skin tone.Apply the foundation  on your face and neck. 

Note: There is no need to use the consiler on your skin after the foundation. consiler should be used only if there is a pimple on your skin or a dark circle under the eyes to cover them.

5 Step-
Face Powdwer or compact : 

People of oily skin should use compact on your skin. Dry skin is not required to use compact powder.

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