To Raise Awareness And Reduce The Risk Of Exposure Of The Notice Does Not License Works: Cancer Asbestos Mesothelioma

Health and safety estimate that there are about four million items of property in the UK, which may contain hidden asbestos-containing materials, and are often found in loose (fragile and disintegrating) of the state. Any attempt of removal can cause the fibers ascend in the air and be inhaled by someone in the immediate vicinity of the house of the owner or the tenant of an employee of the company for the public visitors, as well as of the construction and of the demolition of the workers.

She often reported that it is still too many companies seem to have little or no asbestos awareness or training adequate to address the potential risks to the health. To minimize the time and cost, the health and safety of the procedure are often ignored building materials that contain Asbestos (ACMs) reuses and recycles along with the construction waste.

The control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, which came into force on 6 April, updates previous Asbestos rules, through the implementation of the eu Directive 2009/148/ec, and the aim of the changes on the mark of three quarters of a million workers in companies that are not licensed Asbestos work. From now on, “non-Licensed Category of Asbestos work is divided in two, with the addition of the category, known as the “notification of non-licensed works (NNLW).

According to data from the hse, ” all non-licensed shall be performed with the appropriate controls in place. Employers also have the obligation of licensed works (NNLW”, which means that you must:

  • Notify the work with asbestos relevant for the execution of the mandate.
  • Ensure that medical examinations are carried out.
  • Maintain registers of work (health card).

The process includes determining if the Type of asbestos, or require a license, NNLW or Non-licensed operation in each case. To do this, the risk assessment should be carried out, first of all, determine the type of asbestos-containing of materials (afm) and the evaluation of their state.

If the work is freed from the need to obtain a license, which must then be defined, if it is subject to the notification of the operating license, or simply license-free operation. Hse advise that key factors that must be taken into account, in function of the type envisaged for the works, whether of maintenance, removal, encapsulation, of an aircraft, or monitoring, as well as the collection and analysis of samples of asbestos.

The definition of asbestos type is vital. Despite the more toxic of the forms is banned in 1985, white chrysotile-asbestos continued to be included in a variety of construction materials, including insulation of wall panels (?IB), cement, ceilings, surface, and sprayed insulation, tiles and slopes, the filling and adhesive tapes, etc, Prohibition of the import of chrysotile in 1999, followed by a total ban in the year 2005. However, we must start from the fact that all of the property built or renovated at any time before the end of the twentieth century is due, presumably, material with a content of Asbestos.

Asbestos has been found unstable, loose state especially vulnerable to the publication of the fibers and should be indicated by the NNLW for the work that is less concerned about friable materials, for example, asbestos can be considered non-operating license. The encapsulation of Asbestos, such as cement, paint or plastic are considered to be firmly bind on the array, with higher probability, can be found in a good state and, as a general rule, it can be considered as non-operating license.

Is always present the risk that the outrage and the inhalation of asbestos fibers. Once in the body is embed in the lungs plaques and can eventually cause the disease, asbestosis or the deadly form incurable tumours of mesothelioma cancer.

The long gestation period is 15 to 50 years old knowledge in order to pass to the first asbestosis symptoms appear when the disease may spread to neighbouring tissues or authorities. Of the patient, the survival rate after conformed the diagnosis can be less than 6 months.

In accordance with the requirements of the NNLW, the hse is required to “brief written reports should be stored with works licence, they must be notified, for example, a copy of the notification with the list of workers present on the territory, the more the degree of the likely effects of these workers to asbestos”.

For April 2015, each worker exposed to asbestos, must be under dispensary follow-up every three years. The employer is obliged to keep a record of each employee, which records the type and duration of work with asbestos and must be maintained at not less than 40 years, enclosing a copy of all medical reports.

Hse noted that “the workers who are already at the stage of sanitation monitoring of the operating license, do not need to undergo a new examination for the license but the work of the doctors on the notification without a license to work, it is not acceptable for those who takes care of the license of operation”.

With more than 1.8 million people a year suffer annually from asbestos, and with less than 2000 cases of mesothelioma diagnosed each year, the new rules are an attempt to reduce the disregard in relation to health and safety in the buildings of the repair work, when there is still a risk of exposure to asbestos.

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