Product Review: Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner

Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner in the shade 01. Multicolour

Today It’s another product review & I’m going to review one of my favourite products of late.

And guess what??? This is an eyeliner.

Last month, I ran out of 3 of my favourite eyeliners & that too when Durgapuja was virtually knocking the door & I was officially freaking out, so I immediately bought a few to boost my collection & luckily while browsing the online store, this baby, the Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner caught my eyes.

To be true, I’ve never used glitter eyeliners before, so I waited for 48 hours (My usual trick before I actually buy anything especially when I’m not too sure about it to see if I feel the same about it after the ‘incubation period’ is over) before I finally clicked ‘add to cart’.

Before doing so, I did extensive online research (searched for reviews) but I wasn’t too sure because I didn’t find many reviews for I atleast read 3-4 reviews before buying things. Yes, I’m not the typical beauty blogger who would spend a lot of money in buying a whole lot of things where I wouldn’t be able to use one product more than twice. Seriously, I’m not criticizing those who love it but I’d only buy things that I seriously like & I would actually use in real life.

That is why reading reviews is important to me & I didn’t get much of a view, so when I finally bought it, I thought reviewing it would be the first thing I’d do.

First I’d discuss how it looks on your eyes, which is the most important thing to me & then the rest about packaging & all would follow:

The liner on its own looks beautiful & although it’s full of tiny glitter particles, it looks amazingly sophisticated & you don’t have to reserve this for parties only. Team this up with otherwise regular or nude makeup & it’ll instantly glamourize the whole look. It even goes well with red pout.

If you’re more on the playful side, wear it on top of your regular black liner & the magic will usher in. A black base for this eyeliner exactly expresses its beauty & it simply looks magical.

Me Wearing Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner on Kiko Black Gel Liner

On the above photo, I’ve topped up Kiko Milano Gel Liner (the blackest black currently available in the market) with Kiko Gel Eyeliner in the shade multicolour & simply observe the magic.

You can also wear it on its own.

Me Wearing Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner 'on its own'

Here, the effect is very subtle. I had to wear atleast 5-6 coats to achieve this look while on top of another liner, 2-3 coats are sufficient to make your peepers pop.

So, when it comes to the first impression, the packaging is super cool, slick & easy to carry. It even fits in my tiniest clutch. It comes in a black paper tiny packet which contains the eyeliner bottle which is small as well containing 4.5 ml of the product. This is available in two shades: 1 Multicolour & 2 Silver of which I bought the former one, which is in the shade Multicolour.

I must say it’s beautiful & there can’t be a better word to describe its worth. It is basically a liquid eyeliner that is full of multi coloured glitters in a clear base. The applicator brush tip of the liner is very sharp & works really well & the liner also dries up quickly; so the application is hassle free.

Packaging of Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner in the Shade 01 Multicolor

Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner in Shade 1. Multicolor

Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner Applicator

You can wear it over other liners, like black liner or other coloured eyeliners as a ‘topcoat eyeliner’ or simply on its own which will give you a subtle vibe.

But the removal is super messy, especially if you had applied several coats because the glitters will go here & there, & you’ll find traces of glitter on your face even after 24 hours of removal (yes even if you’re a makeup-removal ninja). I tried the both ways: micellar water or coconut oil; the result is the same.

I have problematic eyes (they tend to dry) mostly because they’re large & so large that they don’t close completely when I sleep. So doctor asked me to stay away from products that get into the eyes because with a dry pair, they fail to clean up properly which may cause irritation sometimes.

Just like most products, a few of the glitter particles also accidently got into my eyes but thankfully no irritation was experienced. So that was a messy thing indeed & the only downside I experienced.

It also lasts long. Mine was manufactured on 9/2017 & then was imported on 9/2018 & will expire not before 9/2020. So it’s real cool.

Now let’s sort out the pros & cons of Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner:


·         Extremely affordable at Rs. 790/-

·         Slick, beautiful packaging.

·         Looks beautiful on application as both on its own & as a top coat on other eyeliners. A really unique product.

·         Comes with a brush that’s easy to work with.

·         Lasts real long, about 3 years from the date of manufacture.

·         Staying power is mediocre, it’ll start scattering in 3-4 hours.


·         Very messy removal process. The glitters get here & there & are extremely hard to remove.

·         Poor colour payoff on its own, you’ll need to apply 3-4 coats to make it detectable if you’re using it alone, on its own.

Will I repurchase it?

Yes I will. Infact despite of the cons mentioned above or the fact that I get bored easily, I’m seriously in love with this product & the unique look it lends. I’d not only buy the same shade again but also I want to seriously try the shade 2. in Silver. So yes, I’ll definitely buy this again.

Me Wearing Kiko Glitter Liner

I do not officially endorse the brand but here I’m sharing the fun experience I had with a product I love.

Let me know how you found this article in the comments section below & don’t forget to follow me on here on my blog & social media (buttons on the collapsible sidebar ß) to stay updated.


Koyel M.

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