Asbestos Cancer Treatment Is Quite Difficult Since

Treatment of Asbestos cancer

Asbestos cancer is known by many as Mesothelioma. This type of cancer is mostly associated with exposure to asbestos, at it occurs in the abdomen, heart and lining of the lungs. Asbestos cancer treatment is quite difficult since asbestos cancer diagnosis is classified under the following : peritoneal mesothelioma found in the abdominal cavity lining (the peritoneum); pleural mesothelioma in lungs lining also called the pleura and pericardial mesothelioma found in the heart lining and also known as the pericardium.

The diagnosis of mesathelioma is time and again difficult because its symptoms mimic those of other sickness this make asbestos cancer treatment difficulty. Symptoms such as chest pain, chronic cough or shortness of breath mimic those other illness but doctors may use them for asbestos cancer treatment especially if the sick person is well known to be exposed to asbestos.

Diagnosis tool include MRIs and CT for those people who are suspected to have asbestos cancer. In most times, these images scans will provide the tumor picture but biopsy will be needed to get a conclusive diagnosis of asbestos cancer rather than other illnesses associated with the lungs. In cases where peritoneal or pleural effusion have visible in the sick person, extracting the fluid some fluid will help the oncologists to investigate the fluid if there is presence of malignant cells.

Asbestos cancer treatment

Asbestos cancer treatment includes combination of three types of treatment which are radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Asbestos cancer treatment depend on the cancer location in the patient body, type of your asbestos cancer and stage of mesothelioma and your overall body health.

If the asbestos cancer has not spread, asbestos cancer treatment will most likely involve combination of the three that is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The combination of the three types of asbestos cancer treatment is known as multimodal therapy.

In cases where the mesothelioma has already spread significantly, physician usually recommend palliative asbestos cancer treatment that can assist ease the pain, also breathing troubles and other cancer signs and symptoms that reduce your value of life. It is more likely that you will be offered chemotherapy and radiation, but major surgery is most likely will not be done.

Radiation therapy asbestos cancer treatment may correct breathing issue and soothe the pain by decrease the tumor that our veins, airways and nerves. Chemotherapy asbestos cancer treatment also shrinks tumors, thus helping with night sweats and chest pain. Non-curative surgeries may get rid of tumors that causes problematic symptoms, or remove fluid that builds up in the abdomen or the chest.

You can also talk to your physician about other asbestos cancer treatment options beyond chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Experimental treatment still exists, regularly in clinical experiment, and in many time they can make vast deference.

Some people with asbestos cancer also look for other asbestos cancer treatment like acupuncture, yoga or massage therapy. All these can also be added to the standard asbestos cancer treatment like chemotherapy so you talk with your doctor about which therapy you would like to explore.

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