My Makeup Product Empties, This Festive Season

You know this is the season of Durga Puja in Bengal & its especially huge in Kolkata, so the city (& me too) is getting ready for the big festive bash. I’ve bought a lot of new makeup/dresses/jewelry to enrich my already burgeoning puja haul & at this time in the year, I throw the empty/expired or ‘products I don’t like anymore’ away. So, today I’ve thrown 3 of my ‘not interested anymore’/expired products away & I thought I’d share my experience with those, you know a short review type.

My Makeup Product Empties

Actually I wanted a welcome change from my usual heavily scientific & elaborate skincare posts, so I thought it couldn’t be better than this. Sharing my product empties is a fun post dedicated to this festive season & ofcourse, I’m super busy these days & really I can’t concentrate on an elaborate skincare article at this time.

So here are the 3 product empties:

Empty Product No. 1

So the first product I’ve thrown away is Loreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza in the shade 01 Profound Black : a typical black gel liner from the house of Loreal. To be true, this is my second purchase of the same product. I was first introduced to this in mid-2013 & since then I’m virtually in love with this product. This is why I’ve bought another one on 2015 & this year I’m throwing it out since it’s expired.

My Experience with Loreal Paris Super Liner: While, the carton says it is ‘profound black’, I must say, a fancy shade name but it is not truly the deep black I’m looking for.

But as a matter of fact, since most black gel liners aren’t as highly pigmented as they claim, I don’t have much to complain anyway. It’s been a good budget buy. It costs Rs. 800/- & occasional discounts are available.

It comes with a brush which is good but a bit thicker than regular liner brushes. It stays for real long without fading & this is indeed a waterproof product. It takes real long to take it off with an oil based makeup remover.

I’ve kept the brush for future use & thrown the eyeliner away. But I have to say, like it happens with most product, I couldn’t finish it.

After a few years, when it’s near expiry it dries so bad that you can’t even take a little product out with the brush. This is the only downside I could find; otherwise it’s the best budget eyeliner I’ve found so far.

Loreal Paris Gel Intenza in Profound Black

Will I buy this again?

I don’t think so. Like most girls, I get bored of a product easily but despite of that, I have purchased it twice, which is a more than enough. So, no. I won’t buy this now but maybe in future, I don’t really know. Currently I’m obsessing with KIKO Milano Gel Liner which is way more  pigmented thing than this.

Empty Product No. 2

The second product I’m getting rid of is another eyeliner, from Lakme Absolute range. It is the Lakme Absolute Gel Addict in the shade Deep Sea. I love gel eyeliners & it’s a deep blue shade & it looks quite good.

This costs INR. 800/- & a good budget buy, I must say. It lasts real long, for the last time, I went shopping wearing this & it stayed for all day, like 8-10 hours without smudging.

It has a good colour pay off, highly pigmented deep blue; looks real bright.

Koyel Mitra in Blue Liner from Lakme Absolute Range

Especially at this price, it’s such a steal.

Packaging wise it’s also good. The brush that comes along is tucked inside it’s head but I find it a little bit hard to work with since it has a thick bushy end, which gives out thick lines.

So, I’d suggest you to use a standard eyeliner brush with it. Consistency wise it’s creamy & unlike the Loreal’ one, even after its expired, it doesn’t turn into a hard dough like thing.

Lakme Gel Addict in Deep Sea

The only downside I find is that I couldn’t finish it all in 3 years (I bought this in late 2015) but this is not a drawback in that sense. So, yes this is indeed a good product.

 Will I purchase it again?

Although I love it but since I’ve used it once, naturally I’ve got bored. So, no probably I will not. I’ve already purchased replacements from Kiko Milano, Loreal Infallible Paints range.

Empty Product No. 3

The third product, that qualifies to be a true ‘product empty’ is Maybelline Hypersharp Liner in the shade Black.

pen liner

This is the only product that I could actually finish.

It’s a typical pen liner & the tip is really sharp & pointy which makes it an ideal candidate to work with even for beginners.

It’s an average product: both cheap & convenient but the pigmentation is very poor. Rather than looking black, it turns deep grey.

But yes, it lasts quite long even in humid Indian summer.

Will I repurchase it?

No never. I am not satisfied with the colour pay off. This is so typical with Maybelline liners, even the lasting drama gel liner behaves the same way. They all turn grey when dried, even if you try product build up, it does not work.

I’ve found better replacements of a black pen liner already from Loreal Infallible Range, so I don’t think I will ever buy it again.

Love me or hate me, just let me know in the comments section below & it’d be amazing if it’s the former & don’t forget to subscribe my blog for regular updates & also follow me on social media (buttons on the collapsible sidebar ß).

Thank you for reading.


Koyel M.

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