Download madVR 0.92.14

madVR is a high quality video renderer (GPU assisted). features: high quality chroma upsampling, high quality scaling (bicubic, mitchell, lanczos, spline etc), high quality YCbCr -> RGB conversion, gamut & gamma correction for display calibration, full 16bit processing queue, final 16bit processing result is dithered down to RGB output bitdepth, bypasses graphics card's video (damage) algorithms, all work is done via GPU shaders, no shortcuts, highest quality has priority over anything else. Both 32bit and 64 bit version included.

  • high bitdepth processing (32bit per component)
  • high quality algorithms for scaling, sharpening, debanding, dithering etc.
  • smooth motion playback without 3:2 pulldown judder even at 60Hz
  • frame packed 3D playback via HDMI 1.4+ (Windows 8.1 or newer)
  • forced film mode turns 60i movies into perfect 24p
  • very reliable playback using automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
  • many more...
GPU with full D3D9 / PS3.0 hardware support

License: Freeware
OS: Windows
Version: 0.92.14
Size: 52.4MB

Download madVR 0.92.14

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