Why I Loved Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polish

My Review on Kinetics SolarGel Nail Polish

Well, if you’ve read my previous post on another Nail polish review, you’d know, unlike most, I’m not exactly a nail polish buff. I do love polishes of course, but I wouldn’t buy a ton just to try & put a review post on my blog or invest in lots of low quality nail colour.

I’d rather stick to the colours I wear frequently, mostly high quality & my regular favourites & some basics I can’t go without & would wear them religiously no matter if it matches my dress or not. I’m more of a moody person when it comes to colour choice. It keeps changing like right now I’m drooling over any shade of orange because it flatters my warm undertone (I have very light yellowish skin colour) but I do not guarantee how long I’d stick to this ‘favourite’ anyway.

I just like to buy a few colours that I’m gonna actually wear rather than flooding my makeup case with numerous colours that’d end up tossed off when expired. Also, as you probably already know, I’m a skincare buff & that’s why I don’t always have a nail polish on.

I almost always keep a reasonable gap between two nail polish applications to help my nails recoverfrom the previous one. This is especially true for gel nail manicures. They are huge right now but they do come with their own liabilities.

Gel manicures, when done frequently can heavily damage your nails even without UV curing or Acetone removing.

So, I’d rather stick to my ‘gel look’ polishes, rather than the real one. It saves your money, energy, & most importantly your nails. I wouldn’t risk my health for any damn thing even if it means I’d have to keep myself away from the latest fad.

So, in May 2018 (even before I started my blog), I decided that it’s time to invest in some good polishes & like most ladies, I research a lot before I invest a single penny (they can be deceiving like I was feeling cheated after I read a few positive blog posts on Myglamm polish & it turned out to be the shittiest thing I’ve ever used, which also heavily damaged my nails). Then I ended up buying these two polishes from Kinetics Solar Gel from Nykaa.

Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polishes in two Shades

Previously, I’d seen advertisements of this on Cosmopolitan, of which I’m a regular reader of. At first I was just stunned to see the range: it’s like they have every colour possible, although some I believe haven’t launched in India yet however, at first being utterly confused I gave up.

It took me a day to get over the overwhelming condition & buy two of my regular shades (shades I’ve used from another brands) namely Spritz Apperol & Iceland Poppy.

Spritz Apperol looked different when I saw it on screen (you know I bought it online). It looked softer, slightly orange; but at first I was shocked to see when it came that it was a bright orange instead, you know, more on the neon side but since these days I’ve been obsessing over anything orange, so I didn’t mind.

Kinetics Solar Gel Spritz Apperol

Same thing happened with Iceland Poppy, due to screen brightness, it appeared a reddish pink which turned out to be a maroon shade. Anyways, I kept them both.

Now, here is a Pro Tip: I suggest wearing a base coat especially before applying a nail colour for the first time & there’s another tip for you. If you want brighter colour pay off, try to dip your fingers in vinegar before the nail colour application.

So, now I’ve used them both & here comes My Experience With Kinetics Solar Gel Nail polish
I love them. Yes, I say it again; I just LOVE them.

They are pocket friendly, only Rs. 475/- each (occasional discounts are available) & come as 15 ml products which truly justify the price. It also has a huge advantage of long term stability. What I bought was imported in 2017 & it’ll expire in late 2021; can you believe it?

I’d finish 2-3 bottles by then (by 2021 ofcourse) so there’s less chance of product wastage. It happens to me all the time especially with imported products because most have low shelf life.

There’s another attribute I must mention but whether it’s good or bad, is upto you to decide. It has a wider brush. I like it because it makes the application easier but I’ve found most girls find it difficult to work with.

Consistency-wise it’s neither thick nor too runny, just the perfect one. See, I hate thick polishes: I remember that happened to me with LYN nailpolishes, they spoil earlier (dry up to get even thicker) & are very hard to air dry.

Its composition is impossible to read since the letters are almost microscopic. I had a nasty headache the first time I tried to read it even with my glass on. I only found out that it was made in Latvia (only readable sentence).

It also cautions that ingredients used to formulate it are highly flammable, so it’s better to keep it in a cool dark place, away from any source of ignition. However, worry not after it’s dried on your nails.
Although it reads SolarGel, I didn’t find Iceland Poppy shade to be anything close to gel look. It looked like anything of much low graded polish, sorry.

Kinetics Solar Gel in the shade Iceland Poppy
Iceland Poppy shade

But I really like the shade Spritz Apperol, which is a neon orange shade & it truly gives you a potent gel finish with having to go through all the trouble. It’s rather a bright shiny matte with a gel like sheen; in short, it’s simply gorgeous. Even if you’re not a huge fan of anything neon (don’t worry, neither I am), you’d like it anyway. It’s a bit ‘toned down’ neon gel like finish.

Sorry about the messy application
Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polish in Spritz Apperol
Spritz Apperol

It stays on for real long without losing its brightness. Both of them, regardless the finished stayed on easily for 2 weeks without losing the shine.
Now, after taking it off, my nails don’t look damaged. I’d give maximum points for this because previously I had a real bad experience with another brand & it terribly damaged & weakened my nails.
So, here is the consolidated verdict on Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Color:
·         Reasonably priced at only Rs. 475/- for 15 ml

·         Perfect consistency

·         Some shades are really gel like while others are not

·         Bright & good colour pay off

·         Stays on for real long without chipping off

·         Nice thick flattened brush, easy to work with

·         Great range of shades

·         Longest shelf life I’ve ever encountered, so less product wastage

·         Doesn’t damage your nails, atleast externally

Will I buy Kinetics Solar Gel Polishes again?

Yes, Ofcourse. I’d probably buy every other shade they’ve launched in India because practically I’m in love with this brand.
Kinetics has also launched its own unique nail care products & I’m looking forward to buy them too.

****This is NOT A SPONSORED POST nor am I endorsing any brand mentioned above. I just reviewed a product & gave my honest opinion letting the world know that I love it. No commercial issues are involved here.

Love me or hate me, let me know in the comments section below & it’d be amazing if it’s the former & don’t forget to follow me on social media (buttons on the collapsible sidebar ß)

Thank you for reading.


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