The SoulTree Kajal Story

Is SoulTree Kajal Worth The Attention?

I’ve been using Soultree Kajal like for the past 3 years here I thought I must post a review on it.

First time, I came across this kajal on flipkart in 2015 & ever since I haven’t looked back. However, it was not the first kajal I’d used. Previously, being a beauty-junkie, I’d tried almost everything in the market however I came across this specific lipstick-like shape & packaging of kohl kajal in 2007 when I bought home a Lotus Kajal & I immediately fell in love with the shape.

This lipstick-like packaging makes it so easy to use that I’m almost stuck to it & I wouldn’t try any other kajal if it’s not shaped like this; yes I’m officially superstitious now. Since then I’ve tried almost any kohl that looked like that.

Some provided good pigmentation, & some didn’t.

Being an Indian woman, I think I can go without any other beauty/make product but I can’t believe a day without a kohl. As you know, I have large eyes & to make it look shapely, I always weigh on kajal on my waterline.

Me Wearing Soul Tree Kajal along the waterline
Me Wearing SoulTree Kajal in The Shade Pure Black

This is an issue with me. Most kajals don’t survive for long on my waterline & I needed a product that lasts long. When I came across this, I’d wonder about the pricing though, it’s priced at Rs. 350/- & comes in a variety of shades but for then, I’d stick to the basic one, the black kohl.

I acknowledge now that I thought twice before buying this thing at Rs 350/- because other ‘similar’ products came under Rs. 150/- but still I thought I should try it anyway.

Normally I don’t care about pricing if the product is worth it.

I’d make sure about anything I’d put on my eyes because having large eyes has its own consequences. I have a little eye-dehydration problem & back in 2014, my ophthalmologist asked me not to use any kohl on waterline because it has a tendency to spread through my eyes & blur my vision.

This is the prime reason I was looking for something that’s safe enough to get into my eyes & at the very moment I found this.

The brand claims,

“This kajal is made by a traditional ayurvedic recipe using a 3000 year old process. It has a 100% natural composition”.
·         Organic ghee for a soothing softness
·         Camphor for natural cooling & cleansing
·         Organic almond oil for the well being of your eyes
·         Natural pigments for enhancing the beauty of your eyes”

Ingredients: Butyrun (Ghee), Isoamyl laurate Ricinus Communis (castor) oil, Sorbitan Olivate, Euphorbia cerifera cera, Copemicia cerifera cera, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Mel (honey), Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Camphor,
May contain + or – CI77491, CI77492, CI77861, CI 77499, CI 77019, CI 77891, CI 77268:1, CI 77288, CI 77007

I bought Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal in the Shade 011 Pure Black.

Packaging-wise it’s really cute & fuss-free. This comes in a little black paper box with the product effortlessly tucked inside.

Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal

Now I use kajal in various ways & not only along the waterline & it also mentions in the package that it can be used as eyeshadow too.

And in this case, I think it’s worth every penny. It’s decently priced at Rs. 350/-.

It’s rightly said because Soultree Kajal comes in so many shades that’s surpass my need my any mono shadow I’d want.

SoulTree Kajal Packaging

SoulTree Kajal in The Shade 011 Pure Black

More of it, it spreads very easily whether you’re using a brush or your fingers. I prefer spreading kajal using my fingers because the warmth of blood circulation would encourage the ghee to melt & spread it easily. Thus even a smoky eye can be created effortlessly.

I also tried wearing this kajal like an eyeliner. Most eyeliners today wouldn’t smudge easily. Gel eyeliners get dried up almost instantly & there are high chances of you screwing up & end up with panda eyes. Pen liners aren’t meant for smudging but since I’m such a huge fan of smudged eye look with my lips toned down (especially with a traditional attire), I take advantage of this ghee-based kohl.

This kajal is easy to smudge & also easy to wear sharply like any other eyeliner & the ingredients make it super-safe for being used along the waterline, even for troubled eyes like me.

This is also easy to take off. When I was a novice, I’d try to smudge it along the upper lash line (eyeliner) & screw up a lot but it didn’t take me a makeup remover to remove the excess but just another clean finger would get rid of the extra product by a gentle rubbing.

So even the most novice would use this effortlessly & that’s why I’m practically in love with this product.

At Rs. 350/- you get a multitasker with the benefits of four: kohl kajal, eyeliner, eyeshadow & even to groom eyebrow (but I’d better suggest you to use a brown shade for that) I couldn’t even finish the product with regular usage & it expired, so I had to toss it.

SoulTree Kajal worn as Eyeliner
SoulTree Kajal Worn as Smudged EyeLiner

So it’s such a steal.

Here’s the final verdict:


·         Deep pigmentation

·         Organic ingredients make this thing safer than those others in the market

·         Nice Packaging

·         Spreads easily

·         Survives long on my waterline

·         Lasts real long as eyeliner too

·         Multitasker as kohl, eyeliner, eyeshadow & eyebrow pencil.

·         Easy to use lipstick like packaging

·         Easy to take off, just a few gentle strokes with a finger would get it off, you don’t need makeup remover.

·         Decently priced at Rs. 350/-


·         A lot of product gets wasted as it expires soon

Would I repurchase Soultree Kajal again?

Indeed. I’m madly in love with this now & I’d repurchase it for sure & this time, all the colours that are available. Safety comes first for eyes. I’d give big thumbs up to this product.

Love me or hate me, let me know in the comments section below & it’d be amazing if it’s the former & don’t forget to follow me on social media (buttons on the collapsible sidebar ß)

Thank you for reading.


Koyel M.

****This is NOT a Sponsored Post. I've given my honest opinion on something I've used; if I find it good, I say that but if I find it not worth the money, I can become really harsh. Whatever I express here, is completely my very own personal view & not to influence or is influenced by any other person.

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