Surprising Facts I found Out About Myglamm Nail Polish- Two Of Your Kind

Myglamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Polish Review

Myglamm Two of Your Kind Long Lasting Gel Finish Nail Enamel Duo- in the shadeàParty Popper

Let me tell you first, I’m not the kind of person with a great collection of polishes. I always look for quality over quantity & despite of being a beauty blogger, I only have a few shades of nail paints that I actually wear & I always look for newer products of great quality & thus, one day I accidently came across the official website for MyGlamm.

         I now officially believe that it is a preconceived notion that as Indians, we are supposed to be obsessed of all things imported, as it reflects on MyGlamm official statement of it being ‘formulated in Italy & Germany based labs’; I must appreciate its marketing strategy with a tag of its ‘formulation in Europe’. Like anything comes from Europe, should be great.

MyGlamm Nail Polish in the shade Party Popper

Anyways I’m not judging it.

When it comes to the nail polish, the brand claims,

“Ultra-shiny, long wearing and sensational shades that team up together for a true colour or playful nail art. Gel effect polish glides on effortlessly and easy application. Highly pigmented to provide exceptional coverage and with a plumping agent to level out any imperfections on the nail.


Gel "just-stepped-out-of-the-salon" finish
DIY Nail art combinations, in bold statement shades you can't resist
Maximize shine with a coat of Top Coat or Gel Coat.

Enhanced Properties

Gel effect polish range formulated with revolutionary plasticiser technology for a flawless manicure at home.
DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free
Cruelty free, no animal testing

Coming to the point, we’ll see how far it keeps the promise step by step:

It claims to be long wearing. It really is. I purchased the shade Party Popper which consists of two shades (each 5 ml) True Blue, which is a midnight blue shade & Confetti, a glitter & confetti based transparent top coat. Colours look great & the confetti shade is truly versatile. You can actually wear it with any other shade of your choice or just on its own. It’s a multitasker: paint cum top coat. Confetti shade can also be used in nail art.

However, as it says its ultra shiny, it’s NOT. The top coat is a bit shiny but on its own, true blue is not exactly ultra-glossy. It’s available in 12 shade names with each containing 2 shades (5 ml * 2) so the range of colours is really good & you can almost find any colour you’re looking for, but the finishing is super-cheap.

                          It looks like any other bog standard nail paint you’ve bought at a very low price.  When you pay Rs 390/- for a two (5 ml each) shades consolidating as a 10 ml of nail paint, you expect high quality & as the brand claims, it gives you a salon like finish. But it’s far from that. The finishing is crappy. It forms bubbles like cheap polishes.

           Consistency wise it’s neither too thick nor too thin, somewhere in the middle. Midnight blue shade looks quite dirty (quality isn’t up to the mark), but I like the Confetti to a certain extent as it is versatile.

 Leave Gel finish alone, it doesn’t even give a good quality regular finish. My Rs 390/- would have gone down the drain unless I’d been lucky enough to score a lucky discount. Even a popular Rs. 50/- polish (I accidently used one) gives a better finishing than this. I can’t imagine how something with such tall claims & big names behind can be so cheap.

My Glamm Nail Polish Party Popper
Me wearing Party Popper

I was intrigued to buy it after reading tons of positive reviews online by beauty bloggers but hey, it turned out to be a complete disaster.

****Please be aware that this is NOT a SPONSORED REVIEW. I’m giving my honest opinion about a product I didn’t like. I hated it so much that I’m scared of trying anything else from the same brand even though it is featured in some of the most popular beauty magazines which I’m a regular reader of.

Packaging wise it’s quite good. It comes in a sleek cute golden packaging. This little sleek packet is packaged in a huge shoe-box like packet & it’s kinda really funny when you get a small container of polish out of a huge shoe-box like packet with tons of bubble wrap.

 I can understand they are paying more attention to elaborate (read extravagant) packaging rather than the actual product & considering the amount that has to be spent on such packaging, the lion’s share from Rs. 390 (the MRP) of the product goes to packaging & there’s little room left for improvement of the actual stuff.

myglamm two of your kind nail polish in midnight blue and confetti
Two 5 ml bottles tucked under a common cap (unique packaging)

Myglamm Two of your kind nail polish
Extravagant Packaging of The Two Polish Bottles

Now, I’m sorry that I do not remember whether they mentioned the composition of the nail paint on somewhere in the huge packet although they claim its DBP, Toluene & formaldehyde free. It’s really cool if it is true.

But let me share my experience. Due to unknown reasons, the middle finger of my left hand is currently suffering from onycholysis (from prior to polish application). Onycholysis is the painless condition when the nail separates from the nail bed & the cause can be anything from fungal infection to trauma. 

I’ve been suffering from this for like a month or more & I’m applying tea tree oil & cedarwood oil on it on a regular basis to treat fungal-growth (if any or maybe it suffered some kind of injury while I was undergoing a hardcore weight training session in the gym)even before I came across this nail polish . 

As you can see the case of the left hand middle finger nail condition in the picture below. This is how it looked like before I applied this super-crappy nail polish.

*** the nail is clearly affected but it’s white & clean (no internal stain). 

onycholysis affected nails
My nail condition (Onycholysis affected middle finger) before I applied Myglamm Nail Paint

Normally my nail (left hand middle finger nail) looks so crap that I cover it with a dark nail polish when I’m going out & remove it the next day or whenever I get time. It’s recovering slowly.

However, I’ve used other polishes like ranges from Sally Hansen, Kinetics SolarGel etc (all dark colours) before safely with no side effects but this time, when I applied Myglamm Party Popper (without a protective base coat), & after I removed it-   

I saw a horizontal long bluish streak along the border where the nail starts separating from the nail bed (see the image below).

So I highly suspect that this nail polish transfers to the nail bed & due to my current condition, it is exaggerated & visible to the naked eye. 

onycholysis affected nail damaged by myglamm nail polish
Onycholysis affected middle finger nail looks bluish from within after removing Myglamm Party Popper nail polish

If you carefully examine the picture above, you’ll see a clear bluish stain along the line where the nail has started detaching from the nail bed.

(clearly, if it was due to incomplete removal of nail polish or external stain, it’d have not been along the horizontal line, rather indiscriminately all over the affected nail & even on other nails, so you can’t say that I couldn’t remove the polish properly.)

***It didn’t affect other finger nails because they’re tightly attached to the nail bed & only affected this nail because it’s already weakened as I was suffering from this condition called onycholysis prior to the noted polish application.

If this is the case, I have no shame admitting that this is the worst nail polish I’ve used so far.

 Sorry but no sorry.

So, let me point out the verdict.


·          huge collection of colours, you’ll find almost any.

·         The product packaging idea is unique, two tiny 5 ml bottles fitted under a common cap. (Nice marketing strategy)

·         Top coats are cool, versatile & can be used either over any other colour or on their own.

·         It stays on for real long, about two weeks.


·         MRP is high (Rs. 390/- for 5*2 à 10 ml polish) while investment is more on packaging rather than the actual product.

·         Not ultra shiny as they claim, shine-wise it’s very mediocre.

·         Forms bubbles. Messy & cheap final look doesn’t even come close to gel finish.

·         I highly suspect it transfers to the nail bed which is dangerous. (proof above)

·         You’ll find a product with much better finish at a much lower cost.

However, as they claim, if it’s really animal friendly (no one knows for sure) & toluene, DBP, formaldehyde free, it’ll get some points there; but if something transfers to nail bed overnight (I kept it overnight before removing it the next morning to only discover my already weakened nail damaged further), I doubt any damn thing this brand claims.

Will I repurchase it?

Well, if I do, consider me officially brain-dead. Period.

Love me or hate me, let me know in the comments section below & it’d be amazing if it’s the former & don’t forget to follow me on social media (buttons on the collapsible sidebar ß)

Thank you for reading.


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