DIY Face Mask to Heal Pimples at Home Naturally

The Ultimate Acne Healing Face Mask Tutorial

                              First let me tell you that I’ve been suffering from acne for real long but because I’ve always tried my best in treating them at the very first sight of a new pimple head. But before we proceed, you need to follow a few basic rules of oily skin care, otherwise I guarantee you nothing will work. Acne is probably the most common skin concern I’ve ever known with even wider range of it’s root cause. At the very least, it could be simply oily skin & as we know, oily skin is notorious in attracting dirt microparticles more than any other skin types resulting in massive breakouts. However, there are some people (count me in), for whom it’s not as simple, our female hormonal cycle is enough to inflame our skin to that extent to have  full blown acne overnight during the PMS. However, there could be endless reasons of it. Even insomnia & stress can give rise to acne but thankfully the less nastier form. Hormonal acne is the toughest to treat so far I’ve experienced & also allow me to warn you, please do not completely rely on natural remedies. treatment works best when synchronized with more than one options because acne results in from more than one reasons. Targeting different root causes with specialized active ingredients work the best & can  get you a clearer skin with a less amount of time. However before proceeding, make sure you follow these simple rulesà

Popular ACNE treatment myths you didn’t know

·         DO NOT use Foaming Face wash. Foaming washes are marketed as oily skin friendly, while I find them to be quite opposite. Foaming face washes can strip off your skin of its natural oil & can drive it to overproduction of sebum/oil, quite counterproductive isn’t it? So, try not to disturb your natural oil balance, or you don’t blame me for not warning you beforehand.
·         Proper hygiene should be maintained. Ideally for acne prone skin, washing the face twice a day is optimal. If you’re using clay packs, substitute a single wash with it.
·         Do not be scared of Moisturisers. I’ve seen oily skinned people to skip it & it’s another myth you have UNFOLLOW now! More you skip the moisturizer, more sebum is produced to counteract the effects & more pimples will pop their ugly heads. Better to use a lightweight moisturizer & look for products labeled as ‘non comedogenic’.
·         Overusing Toner/Astringent. You should better stay away from toner if you’re not sure what to buy. Oily skins can normally cope up with some alcohol content but it comes with some liabities. If you go overboard with toners, it can actually squeeze out the natural oil from your skin, & the skin to overcompensate it, will make more sebum than needed. So refrain from using alcohol based toners, if you must.

Now, to successfully treat acne, you also need help from popular active ingredients. You can go through this link to know more:

So, let’s move to our pimple healing face mask. This mask is completely natural, homemade & the ingredients are composed as I believed to be the best killer combination but as I always say, you’re free to substitute or skip any step. You know your skin the best.

Acne Fighting DIY Face Mask

First, we’ll use clay. Clay draws out the extra oil & impurities the best & I’m using fuller’s earth or multani mitti here as a base. Also, we have an array of easily available herbs that can heal acne in India & I’m using a few of them. Here, I’ve added Holy Basil, Neem & Turmeric in its raw form. I always prefer getting the herbs in it’s most natural form & paste them using water to avoid impurities. However, to save time, you can always use the powdered form available online or in the market. Neem, Basil & turmeric are awesome antiseptics & they have the potential to treat even the most stubborn pimples.

turmeric & basil to heal pimples
Turmeric & Basil

Neem for acne

Make fine paste (or use powder) of the above three & add them in multani mitti.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti pack for acne

Get cinnamon/dalchini powder or paste the raw form using water & add it to this clay base. Cinnamon is available in every Indian kitchen & has anti inflammatory & antiseptic properties that can heal acne faster.

 ***however, use only a small amount or it may burn your skin.

cinnamon face mask for acne & pimples

Now add some regular ingredients, like milk powder & flour to make the base smoother & stronger. Milk powder also moisturizes.

Home remedies to heal acne naturally

Now, add coconut water & vinegar. Vinegar stimulates blood circulation & the acetic acid in it can kill the acne causing bacteria (A. vulgaris). coconut water rejuvenates, moisturizes & can also heal acne scars.

coconut face mask for pimple free glowing skin

Finally, add a few essential oils of your choice. Here, I’ve used camphor (amazing anti septic, anti bacterial), Himalayan Cedarwood (anti bacterial, anti viral), Frankincense (anti bacterial), Cardamom (rejuvenating, anti bacterial), & Tea tree (anti bacterial, rejuvenating, nourishing) oils. You may use them or substitute them with your fav oils anytime. These essential oils are most effective in healing pimples along with others like clove leaf oil, peppermint oil etc.

essential oils to heal acne and pimples
Camphor, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Frankincense & Tea Tree Oil

Finally, add sufficient water & make a thick paste.

DIY Face Mask to heal pimples at home naturally

Apply this pack once a day in the evening & please don’t forget to use sunscreen during the day. Some of the ingredients mentioned above can make your skin photo sensitive & you don’t want further damage.

I’ve devised this with best possible combination of acne healing naturally occurring active ingredients that I know. Please let me know how it went & do not forget to hit the follow button for more updates.

Thank you for reading.


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