Super Shady: So Choix has disappeared

So this is weird. So Choix, as of some time today, has gone offline. They didn't notify their subscribers or refund any money. Their website is gone, emails are bouncing back, social media has been taken down, etc. I can't think it's possibly an accident, because their social media account wouldn't have been shut down at the same time as the site/email in that case.  I took down all of my So Choix posts (fortunately my subscription ended a few months ago). I had only good experiences, and didn't see this coming, but I apologize if you subscribed at my recommendation and got screwed over by them. You should definitely do a chargeback with your bank if you had a subscription, and I hope that will work! Ugh.

There's a conversation about it on Reddit here. Apparently people got tracking numbers, etc., within just the last few days!

ETA: There's a message where their website used to be saying that they shut down due to the "difficult economic environment" and that you can contact with questions.

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